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Super HD DOT 3 Brake Fluid and Super HD DOT 4 Brake Fluid from Wynn's will meet or exceed Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. This fluid will lubricate and protect rubber and metal parts of the braking system. It also provides supreme protection against vapor lock, by maintaining a high boiling point in service. Heavy Duty DOT Brake Fluid is available for trucks, buses and heavy-duty vehicles.

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Non-Chlorinated Brake Cleaner can be used on brake assemblies, be it linings, cylinders drums, springs and disc pads. This cleaner will help dissolve grease, oil and transmission fluid without having to disassemble.


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Obie Oil, Inc also carries Wynn's Stop Squeak for Brakes, which can help to quiet down noisy breaks while eliminating pad squealing. This product will fill voids and pits on the pads, and stops squeaky brakes in their tracks.

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2-Part Brake Service Kit.


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