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Wynn's Hi Strength Cooling System Cleaner is chemically compatible with currently available antifreeze / coolant formulas that are already on the market. Stop by Obie Oil, Inc for the system cleaner or 2-Step Universal Radiator Service Kit with sealant, which is a heavy duty alkaline radiator flush that is able to restore coolant flow and heat transfer efficiency.

Restore Proper Coolant Flow

Wynn's Radiator Sealant prevents coolant loss, stops head gasket seepage, and fixes many radiator and heater core leaks. This is dyed yellow for maximum compatibility with the various colors of antifreeze available.

Fight back against

coolant loss

The 2-Step Universal Radiator Service Kit can be purchased with sealant or with treatment. The Universal Radiator Treatment is able to protect aluminum and metal cooling system parts against rust and corrosion. Check out the 2-Step Universal HD Radiator Service Kit with sealant if you are looking to remove cooling system deposits that can cause overheating. We also offer Wynn's Universal Radiator Sealant, Universal Radiator Cleaner, and Universal Radiator Treatment. Click here to learn more about Wynn's products.

Avoid rust and corrosion

Combat against harmful electrolysis and improve corrosion protection.


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