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Diesel fuel service from Obie Oil, Inc ensures you get the products you need for your vehicle. Wynn's Diesel Charge will remove diesel injector deposits while cutting down on exhaust particulate emissions. This will increase your fuel economy and boost engine performance, eliminating issues with water-contaminated diesel fuel. Meanwhile, the 2-Step Diesel Purge Kit will restore the proper injector spray pattern and clean the diesel fuel system, including injectors and combustion chambers.

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The Diesel Purge product will help to reduce particulate emissions, and is used with Wynn's Diesel Clean Machine (#03500) and Wynn's Diesel Injector Purge Tool (#03600).

Ensure your engine for years to come

Wynn's Premium Diesel Fuel Treatment is able to increase cetane 2-6 numbers, which results in reduced engine knock, better low temperature starting and smoother idling. With this product, there will be shortened warm-up time and fewer emissions. This treatment provides outstanding fuel lubricity, which can reduce fuel pump and

injector wear.

Reduce emissions with diesel fuel treatment

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