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Wynn's offers a Titanium Oil Service Kit, which is a 2-step kit with Wynn's Oil System Cleaner, which will safely remove any varnish and deposits to prepare your vehicle for fresher oil. You can find Wynn's products here at Obie Oil, Inc. After any oil drain, Wynn's Supreme Plus Oil Supplement added in with fresh oil will protect the important parts of your vehicle's engine. This will help to reduce any engine wear and tear and lengthen the life of your vehicle's engine.

Safely Take Care of Your Engine

This kit includes an internal engine cleaner, which can rid your vehicle of sludge and varnish. This also includes Plus Engine Treatment, which can prevent engine wear and protect against rust.

The Supreme Engine Cleaning Kit

Wynn's also offers a Friction Proofing Synthetic Engine Oil Treatment, which is a synthetic formula that is designed to cut down on friction and wear while improving oxidation and stability. We also offer the Supreme +PLUS+ Engine Supplement, Fifty +PLUS+ Oil Treatment and Oil System Cleaner, which is able to suspend engine oil deposits and provide lubrication during the cleaning process.

Treat your engine right

We have a Titanium Warranty. If you have a service performed for your car before a certain number of miles, you are applicable for this warranty.


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