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Obie Oil, Inc is fully stocked with reliable transmission products from Wynn's, including Shudderguard Automatic Transmission Treatment, which eliminates any shuddering in automatic transmissions and offers proper shifting. Wynn's 2-Step Premium Transmission Service Kit will use transmission flushing to help break down varnish and remove deposits while offering seal protection and anti-wear protection.

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Wynn's 100% Multi-Vehicle Synthetic Transmission Fluid offers stability even in the bitter cold. You will see smooth shifting without the shudder in the toughest conditions.

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You can also find Automatic Transmission Treatment and Automatic Transmission Cleaner at our location. They are great at preventing corrosion and breaking down varnish deposits. Wynn's 100% Multi-Vehicle Synthetic Transmission Fluid offers fluid stability, fluidity and low temperatures. Ask about Premium Automatic Transmission Treatment and Synthetic Transfer Case / Manual Transmission Fluid too.

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